Budget earbuds with a focus on design

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new lineup of smartphones provided something fresh this year. Naturally, we were excited to see if the company’s new true wireless earbuds carried the same spirit. Check out our full review below for more details.

Lava ProBuds: What’s good?

Design, Build quality: The Lava ProBuds feature a great design that looks sleek in matte black. The vertical case also has a nice, sturdy hinge to it. A couple of additions that we liked here include the battery status LEDs on the outside of the case, which is where they should be, unlike some products that have now started placing it inside the lid.

Another interesting element we weren’t very sure about is the charging port on the side of the case instead of the bottom or the back. This certainly snatches the case of its symmetric design when it is on charge, but then makes it convenient when you are charging the case with your phone’s reverse charging or a power bank.

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